Raven Earrings TINY 18G Thin Hinged Continuous Segment Ring Hoop Sleeper Earrings Body 6mm Stainless Steel



One Pair of Very Small (Tiny) Earrings Non-Irritant 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

Inside Ring Diameter: 1/4 (6mm); Outside Ring Diameter: 8mm (Very Small!)

Tube Width: 1.0mm / 18 Gauge (regular thickness of earrings & sleepers)

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONE OF OUR SMALLEST SIZE. IT IS TINY!!!!!!! Please be sure to check the size your require before ordering this size.

Stainless Steel does not tarnish or discolor! Unisex hinged hoops – very easy to open & close for Men, Women & Children. Also suitable for most body piercings – ear, nose, lip, cartilage, eyebrow, nipple etc

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