Native Beaded Earrings Women Silver Rose Gold Black Hoop Earrings JA.S.JR Clip



The clip on earrings come four colors: silver hoop earrings, gold hoop earrings, rose gold hoop earrings, black hoop earrings.

If you seldom wear clip-on earrings, you may need 3-7 days to adapt to their existence. During this period, you may feel pain in your ears every time you wear them for an hour or two, so you have to take them off, massage your ears, and then continue to wear them until it doesn’t hurt. Although it’s a bit uncomfortable at this period, but beauty is pain, isn’t it? And after that time, it’s like a regular hoop earring, beautiful, simple and comfortable to wear.

In addition, if you seldom wear clip on earrings, we recommend that you buy the 40mm set1 first. But if you wear them regularly, you can buy earrings of a larger size of 61 mm or the set which has different shapes. And these clip on earrings are also more flexible. You can adjust the distance between the ends of the hoop earrings to make them more comfortable to wear.

As a person who can’t wear earrings without ear pierced, I really like these clip on hoop earrings. Now, besides bathing and sleeping, I basically wear them. Although the first few days were painful, I was very lucky to stick to them. They make my look be more fashion. I hope you will like it, too.

These hoop earrings are packed in a transparent plastic box, which is very practical and delicate. So these earrings can also be used as holiday gifts for women, such as Valentine’s Day, Mothera??s day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and their birthdays.

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